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This is Sasha, Brandname’s lead creative. As a brand designer and web developer, I am all about crafting honest, enjoyable and easy-to-understand digital experiences. I believe the fuel behind our work should come from a place of understanding, empathy and maximizing opportunity.

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Positive Impact Driven

As a Californian designer and world traveler, I’m thrilled to team up with fellow innovators, no matter where they are, who share my commitment to driving positive change. If your business prioritizes sustainability and equality, I’d be beyond excited to collaborate and stay authentic to good making.

More about me

Cozy cafes are my work habitat. I find walking in nature essential for mental health and giving space for ideas to emerge.

As a dual United States and Mexico citizen, I’ve developed a unique problem-solving approach—systematic yet adaptable.

California has been my base for over 10 years, exposing me to the dynamic blend of tech innovation and cool art.

My journey has been rich with diverse experiences, from teaching swimming to embracing different cultures while living abroad in different seasons of my life. As the first in my family to travel extensively and speak English fluently, I’ve learned to turn challenges into stepping stones for growth.

Today, as a self-made entrepreneur, I find extreme fulfillment in shaping brands and creating online experiences that foster connections and drive meaningful success. I’m incredibly excited for this path I’m on and all the connections I’ll be part of.